Cook, Collaborate, Thrive: Welcome to our Culinary Incubator

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey or host a remarkable event in the vibrant heart of Downtown Santa Ana – a bustling mecca for visionary food makers, talented artists, and flourishing small businesses. 

How can we help you today?

Incubator Rental Kitchens

Commercial kitchen rentals, pro-grade equipment, and resources to launch and grow your food business

Small Business  Courses

Classes designed for entrepreneurs at every stage, whether you're just starting your culinary venture or looking to scale 

Event Space

Vibrant urban space rental for pop-up events, casual gatherings, and business team building

Flexible Kitchen Options

Kitchens range from a single prep table up to a high volume production kitchen

Scalable Storage

Book as little as one shelf of cooler, freezer, or dry space and scale up from there

Start-up Community

Surround yourself with like-minded food entrepreneurs and expert advisors

Production Equipment

From low volume to large scale production, we have the equipment to do the job

Incubator Kitchen Rentals

Our incubator kitchens are the heartbeat of culinary innovation, where like-minded individuals collaborate, ideas flow freely, and inspiration knows no bounds.

Choose from our array of commercial health department approved kitchens, perfectly aligned with your business needs. Launch, grow, and thrive with the guidance of our seasoned team of food business specialists.
We are a quickly growing business and it's nice to know there is space for us to grow here. -  Henna, Aro Chili

Entrepreneurial Skill-Building Courses

Taking the leap into the culinary business world: elevate your food enterprise with our targeted courses catered to food business owners. Join our vibrant community, learn from industry experts, and embrace the fusion of creativity and business acumen in your journey to establishing a flourishing culinary venture.

In Person Workshops

Learn Directly from Industry Experts: Gain valuable insights from professionals in the culinary business.

Online Courses

Learn Anywhere: All you need is an internet connection to turn your space into a learning hub.

9-Month Hybrid Program

Skill Transformation: Evolve from a culinary enthusiast to a competent business owner.

Small-Business-Powered Events at 4SM

Leverage the expertise and dedication of our entrepreneurial community for an unforgettable event experience.

10 to 200 guests

16+ food vendors

A/V & live music available

Locally crafted, with all food, beverages, and entertainment thoughtfully curated by our small businesses

Culinary pop-ups, social, and corporate team building events

Olivia was absolutely incredible!! I've never planned an event before, and she made sure I had everything I needed

Meet our team

Operations Manager
Small biz specialist + Foodie
Chef Ryan
Resident chef-preneur 
Founder of Co-Lab and CulinaryLab
25+ years in pro kitchens
Sales Specialist
Food enthusiast
Raging extrovert
Kitchen Tech
Self-proclaimed neat freak
Equipment guru

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