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evicted documents the destroyed homes and left-behind lives of low-income families once living in a trailer park community on mlk street in st. petersburg, fl. partially demo-ed, but nowhere to vacate to, residents abandon their personal possessions and are now homeless. an oversized curb-sign visualizes the upcoming construction of a new storage facility—in other words, the homes of paupers are razed to make room for the excess stuff from wealthier homes. the images were photographed with a zeiss ikon ikoflex on ilford delta 100. vandyke prints on stonehenge add an off-kilter sense of nostalgia.



addictive snacking



plastic food with a plastic camera; toy foodstuffs were melted with a heat gun to highlight their artificiality, then placed in a natural environment and shot with a holga toy camera. as our concept of what qualifies as food breaks down, even produce not under shrink wrap is waxed, painted, and genetically modified—hence the bogus labeling raises concerns about its “real” carbon organic-ness.



collection of candid portraits


Heat Gun

dame toy meets officer heat and they touch triggers…



gestures with painters tape


Cat on Car

st. petersburg, florida


Falls Road Station

abandoned train car in baltimore, maryland.


Bird Satchel

ahywhere, midwest murica


Trash Portraits: Ohio

ohio defined by its refuse.


Trash Portraits: Florida

florida defined by its refuse.


Self Portraits

basking under blinded light


Light Table

repurposing abandoned milk-glass power-line insulators for legs


All Natural

runts and roughage. as our concept of what qualifies as food breaks down, even produce not under shrink wrap is waxed, painted, and genetically modified—hence the bogus labeling raises concerns about its “real” carbon organic-ness.


Russian Baby

film found inside of 1970s smena 8M


Pixel Boy

where digital methods meet painted pixels meet a flashlight meet a large format camera: narrative of the breaking down of a pixelized human form.


Heat Gun: Army Men

defenseless army men in situ. cheap plastic toys reference the futility and iconic sensationalism of war in pop media. because the omnipresence of war photography has desensitized civilians, sarcasm reminds us how we treat soldiers like expendable pawns in a political popularity game.


Night Vision

drawing with light: a combination of long-exposure and camera-tossing techniques


Alley Girl

i found her on north ave in baltimore



investigation of experimental typography and graphic regurgitation through a collection of crushed cans



from baltimore, boston, st. pete, and toledo



collection of typo-photos from the same neon sign



assorted scales overlayed with type sample books



humanizing web communication by strategically combining programming language with personal narrative and viscerally silkscreening onto skin; the two figures relate in terms of css and html.


Transgender Roles

swapping gender stereotypes with monochromatic cyan + magenta impossible film and traditional childrens’ toys



cityscapes of geometry


Discarded Family

from a photo album found in a free box on the side of the road: indian rocks beach, fl.



original oragami generated in response to a poem about fruit


Improv Shade

a lady’s touch to our apartment in baltimore



human interaction through body language and digital + physical printmaking collisions



macro collection of organic color, texture, and form



imagery generated by combining digitally-destroyed, analog film backlit by tv/computer screens, led lights, and other iphones through various double exposure techniques.



collection from non-franchise hotels, restaurants, and other small shops: vernacular meets typography and lettering


Happy Feet

at take-out window, anxious to receive food



stills from a video involving wordplay projection across non-interacting figures



capital beltway


Summer Vacation

the american dream: camping and going to the beach



old school luggage i found at a garage sale


Community Arts

documenting the making of a mural by freshmen mica students for winfield elementary in baltimore, maryland.



collection documenting the northeast corridor



connections without meaning: made for a book about the emptiness my relationships



exploration of how camera movement and misplaced depth of field can enhance the content



these are “digital natives.” so disfigured fetuses imply the damage of mediated children who grow up on tech made in china. the slinky references a vending machine coil to reinforce the disposability of children made in china



prompting a broken culture with activist stencils posted in strategic locations in need of attention.


Red Awning

entertaining myself while waiting for a friend downstairs



another photo game i play with myself while walking from here to there: collect ’em all



a random collection



another random collection


X-Mas Tree

made for a holiday card, angryoungpoor style.