No Sirvice: St. Pete Street Arts Collective

Off the clock, we look away as our “professional work” is used to propel stupidity. Here you find a stance against the servility of our professions to corporate culture and its operatives. What we commercialize during the day, we un-commercialize at night. No Sirvice exists to offer an organizing space for artistic, acoustic, literary, and design criticism that nurtures a refusal for our modern age. We critique the bankruptcy of American culture and provide a movement for non-commercial creative resistance.

Wanna join? St. Pete needs more imps. Contact one of us:

Elizabeth Herrmann
Aaron Dietrich
David Meek
Jesse Vance
Rob Mullins
All of the Above

Or, you might find us at Cycle Brewing on Thursday evenings: 534 Central Ave


NS Underground Film Festival Call for Entries!

the no sirvice underground film fest is a mobile light + sound show celebrating the best subversive cinema st. pete has to offer. submit your videos, animations, sounds, rants, bizarre and provocative 4d work from all genres and subjects and lengths!

+ submit your vids to:

+ preferred format: dropbox link to a file.

+ if you would also like your vid featured on the ns-site, send us a vimeo link!


First Night: Union Trust Bank, Central + MLK

reel compiling our inaugural light + sound show. guerrilla screening videos and animations on everything from high-rises and bank walls to trees and pavement, using a lo-fi mobile rig which consists of four circa 1987 radio flyer wagons, projectors, inverters, laptops, speakers, and marine batteries


Second Night: Central + Sixth Street

guerrilla light + sound show using a lo-fi mobile rig


NS Zines

ephemera passed out at the events


NS Bogus Poster Promo

prank advertising to promote the light + sound shows; displayed in the union trust bank building shadowboxes


Greetings From Florida

visit florida tourist postcards passed out at the events


Wheat Paste

one hit provided with every zine