Cards For Humanity:
an experimental collaborative cause involving free calling cards for emerging st.petersburg artists

This all started when my next door neighbor came over to help me move a bookshelf and then laughed at my command center. At the time, I was working from a large folding table, the 1970s hand-me-down kind with the brown faux-wood laminate flaking off, exposing gnarly patches of naked fiberboard underneath. My neighbor informed me that he was a furniture designer on the side, little did I know, and could hand-craft a real wood desk for me. He handed me his business card… I promptly returned the criticism with all my endearing graphicdesignery candidness.

This story would be more charming if I told you my neighbor made me that walnut desk. The truth is, I never did get a new desk. He moved away, although I still letterpress-printed his cards and then mailed them to him. And even though I was already self-aware of my un-pro desk, the encounter made me realize the blind-sighted side effects of one-track-minded professional craftsmen, including myself. We like making things. However our skills and priorities are generally very limited.

While I still very much enjoy collaborating subversively with artists to draw attention to social problems in our community through pranks and rants and throwing rocks at walls, I also very much enjoy making things for people, regardless of whether they want what I make or not. Cards For Humanity is an ongoing collaborative experiment-cause to promote local indie artists in the St. Pete community through custom-crafted calling cards.

Cards For Humanity is how I can help. I’ve never been great at finding clients and making money, so the cards are free aside from the beer you buy me when I get to know who you are. The way I see it, local indie artists armed with quality-crafted cards, along with a model for open-ended bartered services, something something crossover of interdisciplinary arts activity. Too ideal? Let’s see. Cards For Humanity is all about repping the underground artshood.

To apply:

For more infos, the project is now live on AIGA!

letterpress on mohawk superfine

letterpress on stonehenge

letterpress on newsprint

paint pen on dark-slides

cards for humanity

letterpress on stonehenge

acrylic on cardboard

paint pen on instax

flour in poly bag